Trust Your Inner Compass

What gives you the courage to act when you fear to take that step?

Can you find some certainty in uncertainty, when there is no one to ask?

Is it possible for you to find the source of your self-reliance within yourself?

What will keep your head above water when the waves of self-doubt come crashing down?

For you to remain on your true path, you must trust your inner compass, but first; we must agree on something else.

The discipline to follow

There are two kinds of discipline in this world.

First, you learn how to behave in school.

You are taught that if you can remember the words on the paper when the test comes around, you can get good grades that will solve all of your problems.

So you work hard on your homework assignments with discipline.

If you can do your homework with discipline, you will learn how to behave on the job and do what you are being told with discipline as well.

You show up on time; you do what is expected of you, then you go home to sleep before it is time for you to put on the working hat and show up the next day.

Repeating this cycle takes a lot of effort and discipline, but here is where it gets tricky…

The second kind of discipline

You trust yourself, and you know what makes you tick, and you are aware of what work excites you.

The work that makes you stay up all night, only to wake up before the alarm goes off to go and sit down to work with it again.

The thing that excites you cannot be taught. You cannot learn what, how, and why that is.

No teacher can show you how. Your parents are unable to lead you on this journey.

Only you, and you alone can discover, follow, and adhere to this inner calling.

To discover, follow, and stay true to this path takes another kind of discipline.

A discipline and commitment that stretches far beyond your trivial task of today, this week or even this month.

You are in it for life. To follow and commit to this path takes an enormous amount of effort and discipline.

Here is where you must decide on which life to lead.

Different kinds of uncertainty

If you choose to conform to the path laid out for you from the start, you will experience a sense of security.

You will have your education, your job, your income every month, and a walled city that offers instant safety and low-stress environments for you to live in.

The only problem is…

…that it’s not your true calling in life, and will lead you down the wrong path.

The benefits offered up front are actually the biggest risks you can take in life because you will end up dissatisfied when you are not creatively fulfilled as a maker.

During these safe years, you will not be forced to develop any new creative skills.

You do not need to work on your tools of self-reliance because you never encounter situations that require you to do so.

The initial risks are presented as non-existing, which lowers your guard and takes the edge off your unique voice and the creative work that rests within you.

For this reason, it is easy to opt out and follow the stream down the river and end up stranded without knowing how you got there or how you can reverse the years of swimming with the tide.

You must re-kindle something deep within.

Re-discover your inner compass

What if you lose that job?

The typical reaction is to look for another job that fits the description, but that can become a nasty habit and act as a highly potent form of escapism.

As you make your way from job to job, you run the risk of ending up empty-handed.

Without any sharpened skills, tools of survival or assets to make a living when no one chooses you.

This is the worst kind of uncertainty because it hits you the hardest and at times where you expect it the least, but that’s not the worst pain.

The most painful part of this whole scenario is that you know that you let yourself down.

You smothered your inner self, and you went in the opposite direction than what you knew would fulfill you as a maker.

This risk always follows you around when you choose to accept the job that offers you the most benefits and safety nets upfront.

To avoid this scenario, you must turn the dynamics around before they become irreversible.

You do this by staying true to your inner compass and trust it completely.

From the start, and at all times.

Commitment surpasses uncertainty

Here is what we all are afraid of:

The worst part about blindly following your true inner compass is that you will be facing all your fears, uncertainties, and crashing waves in the first stages of your journey.

You will be scared to death by the mere thought of staying true to yourself and what you were meant to do in life.


Because you are on your own. No one is there to tell you to do the work. Everything that could go wrong can and will crash at the same time.

Your family will question your choices, your friends won’t understand, and your sophisticated other will try to make you commit less to doing your life’s work.

They all mean well, but they cannot understand your driving force or why this is as important as getting enough air in your lungs.

When everything comes crashing down, the person who has to pick up the remaining pieces, stitch them together and soldier on is you.

Make no mistake. This is hard work. Ferociously hard work, but it is worth it because nothing can happen that is so tragic that you can’t get up and try again.

For you to survive what life throws at you when you have decided to stay true to your life’s path, and follow your inner compass, is to develop a discipline and a long-term commitment to follow through.

  • You have to establish an anchor point.

The anchor point for your inner compass

Imagine that you are in the middle of a storm on a giant ship, battling the waves that are trying to tear you to shreds.

You cannot see past your own hands, and the water is hitting you with the intent of doing tremendous harm.

Still, you must persist and make your way toward land and safety.

Imagine further that you could throw out an anchor tied to a rope that would land on the beach where you want to go.

You could then grab the rope and pull yourself toward your landing spot.

For this reason, you can endure the storm and not take notice of the enormous waves crashing around you.

Because you know that if you just pull harder, stay on the path a little longer, you will ultimately reach your destination.

You will be safe, but not safe as in being offered safety from the start.

This kind of security is earned. You reached it because you could endure the hardships, rigorous trials, and by following your inner compass.

You didn’t walk around, endlessly trying to make sense of your journey.

No. You set out an anchor point and you were committed to reaching the end of the rope.

You entered with a great deal of discipline, and by doing that, you were able to act fearlessly, take that step, and find the source of self-reliance within you because you knew what was waiting for you on the other side.

Your inner compass never leads you astray

Once you committed to staying true to your inner compass, you were able to withstand tremendous amounts of turbulence and initial bursts of uncertainty because nothing can go wrong when you are in sync with what you are hardwired to accomplish in life.

Understand that we are living in a time where you have unrestricted access to the entire world. No one is stopping you from pursuing your inner calling.

This journey will be demanding, but equally rewarding. If you can be bold, brave, and honest with yourself, you will attain levels of creativity that you never thought you could reach.

The way to endure this path is to set a goal that transcends the futile obstacles and impediments that block your way.

If you set your anchor point, you know where you are heading.

You can stay on the path because you know that your inner compass is pointing in the right direction and you know what is waiting for you once you arrive.

This will make you endure the storm.