Bulild An Organized Morning Routine [7 ACTIONABLE Tips]

I think you can agree with this statement:

Mornings can feel a bit chaotic, unorganized, and stressful.

Even though you feel like there is nothing you can do, there are a couple of actionable ways you can turn this around.

You can make perfect use of these 6 Actionable Tips For Creating A Highly Organized Morning Routine that works.

In this article, you will find out what those tips are, and how you can start implementing them so that you can assume control of your mornings, and thrive during the day.

But first…

…we must get into the right mindset before we start because having the proper mindset is what will guide the appropriate actions that will take us where we need to go.

The Philosophy of a Highly Organized Morning Routine

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When we are looking to make perfect use of tips, tricks, and actions aimed at creating a highly organized morning routine, we are essentially looking to solve a problem.

We want to take control of the way we start our day so that the effects of being organized bleed into other areas of our day, making it more likely that will not only survive — but thrive.

To accomplish this, we must get in the mindset of using ruthless honesty.

What does this mean?

It means the following:

When we begin looking for ways on how to organize our lives, there is a reason why we want to find a solution.

There is a problem that needs to get solved.

Regardless if we know exactly what the problem is or if this search stems from a feeling or a sensation that we could do better, we must begin by acknowledging the fact that there is a problem.

To begin this process, we must work our way backward.

Discover What’s Stopping Us In Our Path

Never forget, within every obstacle is an opportunity to improve our condition. A quote from Ryan Holiday's book The Obstacle Is The Way.

What is it that troubles us, and makes us feel like we could do better?

Is it an unorganized desk, is it perhaps an empty calendar, or the to-do list that doesn’t make any sense?

Maybe it’s a mixture of everything?

No matter what’s troubling us, our task becomes to find out what it is, and devise for ourselves a strategy for eliminating the chaos so that we can make perfect use of our highly organized morning routine.

The way to do this is to be brutally honest, and objective in our pursuits.

We want to acknowledge what’s holding us back from excelling at the top of our abilities so that we can change it, thrive, and get where we need to go.

The first step, then, becomes to assess the way we start our days, figure out where we could improve, and go about making the necessary improvements.

That is so that we can streamline the process of waking up so that we can start the day by organizing our lives in a highly effective way.

If we fail to do this, we are basically looking for tools to fix a problem we haven’t yet encountered.

Now, that’s counterproductive.

Use The Right Tools To Create An Organized Morning Routine

An infographic over how to build an organized morning routine.

How can we know what tools to use, and when we have found the right ones?

The easiest way to answer this question is to have a clear and precise — honest even — picture of what needs improvement so that we can find the right tools to get the job done.

It’s not a pleasant experience to write down all of our shortcomings and areas in need of improvement.

But the faster we can work through this part of the process, the better the strategies and tips will work that we will discuss next.

Because solutions need problems before they can get to work.

Here’s the tutorial:

Make a list of all the things that need improvements and move on to making those improvements with the following six habits for creating a highly organized morning routine:

  1. Set Your House In Perfect Order
  2. Create The Perfect Workspace
  3. Have A Daily Plan
  4. Use The Eisenhower Matrix
  5. Build A Mental To-Do-List
  6. Aim The Day

Strategy No.1 — Set Your House In Perfect Order

A picture saying Strategy one: Set your house in perfect order before you criticize the world from Jordan Peterson's 12 Rules For Life

In his best-selling book 12 Rules For Life, the psychology professor Jordan Peterson argues that the most significant changes come from the most mundane of tasks.

What this means is the following:

If you want to accomplish great things, if you’re going to change the world, you should start by changing yourself from the ground up.

This approach to life is an inside-out way of looking at the world where the way you treat people, how you handle your professional life, and how efficiently you get things done all stem from how well you accomplish the little things in life.

People who suffer from an unchecked grandiose self-image will think that they can create a lasting change in the world, without being able to make their bed in the morning.

Although there is nothing wrong with ambition, there must also exist at least a hint of objectivity and reality in the way they create these plans.

Since you don’t want to fall victim to this kind of unrealistic thinking, you must work with a more actionable and objective strategy to accomplish your aims.

You want to set your house in perfect order.

Your House Expects The Best From You

Everyone thinks of changing the world, but no one thinks of changing himself. Leo Tolstoy.

If you organize everything correctly so that you know where everything is, you will automatically feel like doing your best.

Imagine coming home after a hard day at work, and you enter a clean and perfectly organized home.

What does that tell you?

It tells you to work even harder, it lets you know that it expects you to do your best, and then some.

It’s the foundation of any substantial and meaningful work because if you get this right, everything else will eventually fall into place.

If not, the piles of dirt and dust will signal a careless attitude where your aspirations and desires are rendered useless.

This will make it so much harder for you to accomplish your goals because there will be a downward pull, tugging at you — even when you are not home — when you think about everything that needs to get done.

Everything that was left unattended.

The Art of Aiming Higher

you will always feel a pang of hunger, letting you know you can do more than what you initially aimed for. Quote from Organized Morning Routine Article

To overcome this obstacle, start by having a clean home that is set in perfect order.

Because if your foundation is strong, you will become better at handling setbacks in all walks of life.

You will become more willing to excel when the time is right, and you will always feel a pang of hunger, letting you know you can do more than what you initially aimed for.

All of this from the simple task of setting your house in perfect order.

How can you accomplish this?

Start the day by setting a timer for 10 minutes and put things where they belong before the time runs out.

Keep this up for a week and see how the benefits bleed into other areas of your life.

You will be amazed at how much will change for the better, and how much more you can get done, with less effort than if you had to struggle with everything you do.

Perhaps this small habit will be the starting point of something unexpected and more significant than you could ever imagine.

Strategy No.2 — Create The Perfect Workspace

A strategy for an organized morning routine and a clean desk

Another version of setting your home in perfect order is by having a clean and organized workspace.

This workspace could be your home office, the one you have at work, or if you are working out of a coffee shop.

It doesn’t matter.

What matters is that you create an ideal workspace and go out of your way to make it happen.

When you are working, you don’t want to go looking for things like pens, papers, and other tools when your creativity is peaking.

You want everything within arm’s reach.

For this reason, you must create for yourself a plan for how to organize your desk and make it your duty to keep it that way.

At the end of the day, it will be a little bit messy.

That’s okay.

What you do, then, is to take a couple of minutes to set it back to its original and ideal state so that everything is clean, neatly organized, and expects the best of you once you return to it in the morning.

It might seem trivial, but the profound impact of having an organized desk can’t get emphasized enough.

Make this a promise to yourself:

Create the ideal workspace, and put it back in perfect order at the end of each day.

Nothing is as important when you aspire to create the work of a lifetime.

Strategy No.3 — Have A Daily Plan

Strategy number three — how to create an organized morning routine with a daily plan

In a quote from his magnum opus, The 48 Laws of Power, the masterful author Robert Greene writes:

A qutoe from the 48 Laws of Power by Robert Greene: Most men are ruled by the heart, not the head. Their plans are vague, and when they meet obstacles they improvise. But improvisation will only bring you as far as the next crisis, and is never a substitute for thinking several steps ahead and planning to the end.

When you start your day, there is a tendency to wing it.

You think you got everything in control, and you know exactly what to do.

The only problem is:

This is an illusion.

To combat this part of human nature, so that you can elevate yourself above your peers, you want to plan your day…

…and plan it all the way to the end.

Create A Daily Plan

Strategy — a careful plan or method for achieving a particular goal usually over a long period of time.

If no plan has been devised, if there is no profound intent for the day, everything you do will be at the mercy of your impulses, which will always lead you astray.

You want to prioritize:

Plan thoroughly, and avoid going through your day without having thought through your most important decisions.

There must exist a hierarchy of tasks and a clear prioritization for you to succeed.

One way of always staying ahead of the curve is to use a scheduling system that you fill out at the start of each day.

Give yourself 5-10 minutes each morning to fill out your plan for the day.

Doing this will ensure that you know when you are on the path, and when you are not so that you can get back on track instantly.

Having a plan, and an intention, with the day, is one of the most effective ways of creating and maintaining a highly organized morning routine.

That is because you know what you are aiming for.

You can see when you are getting closer to your goal, and when you are moving away from it, enabling you to make the necessary corrections with impeccable precision and timing.

Run through your plans each morning.

Train yourself to think strategically, and learn how to advance with a particular goal in mind.

Doing this will make it more likely that you hit your target, and succeed at what you are trying to accomplish.

Plan all the way to the end, and make small adjustments every morning to make this work.

Few things will be of equal value to you on your way toward achieving your life’s goal.

You are 50 percent through! Good job!

Strategy No.4 — The Eisenhower Matrix

Strategy Number Four — The Eisenhower Matrix as a tactic to create a highly organized morning routine

Speaking of strategic thinking:

One of the most dependable and effective ways of going through life is by following the words of the 34th president of the United States, Dwight D. Eisenhower:

A Dwight D Eisenhower quote: In preparing for battle I have always found that plans are useless, but planning is indispensable.

In the same theme, Eisenhower devised a particular setup for accomplishing his goals on time, as efficiently as possible.


  • The Eisenhower Matrix.

The way this system works is that you have four quadrants:

Each quadrant representing a particular task category containing assignments that you will encounter throughout your day.

These quadrants are the following:

The Eisenhower Matrix Quadrants

The Eisenhower Strategy For An Organized Morning Routine

When you are scheduling your day, you don’t want every task to be equally relevant and urgent.

Because if everything is important, nothing is important.

If you have a clear understanding of what’s urgent, what can get done tomorrow, and what tasks you can delegate, you will be able to work more smoothly and focus more deeply.

You will get more done in less time, with greater output and quality.

Imagine if nothing goes your way.

It’s just one of those days.

You can’t find the time to do everything on your list, and you don’t know where to start.

Here is where the Eisenhower Matrix comes in and saves the day:

By having a hierarchy, you can easily let go of the less critical tasks and concentrate your forces on completing the ones in the first and most crucial quadrant.

What’s more:

If people come to you, which they inevitably always will, you can categorize the things they want you to do using these quadrants.

That is so that you know which tasks need your immediate attention, and which ones you can assign to other people or schedule for tomorrow.

This is so that you don’t feel overwhelmed when you have a lot of things to do because you know what’s important and urgent, and what’s less so.

Commit to using this system, and see what will happen in your life.

You will be amazed at how much you will get done compared to everyone else who is still running around thinking everything that’s thrown at them is of equal importance.

Strategy No.5 — Create A To-Do-List

Strategy Number Five — How to create a to-do list for your organized morning routine.

Building on the ability to figure out what’s important and what is less so, you can create a to-do list for what you want to accomplish in life.


A standard to-do list is indeed not worth mentioning in a guide on how to create a highly organized morning routine.

So naturally, this is not one of those.


You want to use a to-do list as a way of outlining your overall philosophy.

The philosophy that guides your actions and lets you know when you have deviated from your one true path, and lights your way back to where your work matters.

This kind of to-do list stems from a concept created by the Estonian entrepreneur Vishen Lakhiani.

It is the idea of having three main concepts in life:

An idea from Vishen Lakhiani: It says Experience, Growth, and Impact.

  • Experience: the things you would like to see, live through, and do in life.
  • Growth: the kind of advancements you would like to see in everything from your business to your spiritual growth or in what you are aiming for specifically.
  • Impact: the way you want to change someone’s life, alter the world, or help a person in need of assistance with your expertise and knowledge.

This to-do list, then, becomes something of a theme for your future decisions.

You filter all your schedules, decisions, and actions through this to-do list so that you know that you are moving toward your goal in a way that is in sync with the way you want to operate in the world.

This will create a clear vision for what you are aiming for in life so that you can devise for yourself a plan that will make it more likely that you will hit your target.

Meditate on these questions.

See what path you want to take in life.

Reexamine these questions as a part of your organized morning routine.

Doing this will make sure that you stay on track, and that everything you do is done in an agreement with your most inner values.

Create this plan, find your purpose, and make it your life’s task to see them through.

Following this plan will ensure that you achieve the thing you set out to accomplish.

Strategy No.6 — Aim The Day For An Organized Morning Routine

Strategy Number Six — How to aim your day for a successful and productive morning routine.

Far too many people go about their day thinking that everything will work itself out.

Almost as if there is a higher destiny guiding their actions, leading them where they think they want to go.

This is an illusion.

It’s a story we tell ourselves to not have to come face to face with the fact that hard work is what creates the advancements we wish to see in life.

It’s ultimately a weakness of human nature that must get beaten into submission for us to create our life’s work.


To combat this tendency to believe in illusions, you must create for yourself an aim, a reason, with your day — with your life.

There must exist a deeper meaning, and something profound, bordering on the sublime, with the way you think about your life and the things you want to accomplish before your time on earth is up.

Each day must represent something meaningful on your path toward realizing something grander and more magnificent than yourself.

You must make this task your life’s commitment, and work night and day to make it come to fruition.

Because if you fail…

…if you drift along, and if you just let things happen, you will lead yourself astray, and the price will be too high to pay.

The Dangers of Not Aiming Your Life

Optimism is a strategy for making a better future. Because unless you believe that the future can be better, you are unlikely to step up and take responsibility for making it so. Noam Chomsky Quote

You will find yourself a few years down the line working at a job you don’t like, hanging out with people who don’t satisfy you intellectually and living a life, not of your own choosing.

Upon realizing your mistake, you also have to come to terms with the fact that you are now too old to change your circumstances.

You have lost the youthful energy that you could rely on a few years earlier to get you out of trouble.

This will make you embittered, resentful, and even vengeful when you go on with your life with a painful feeling of dissatisfaction in your heart, knowing that you could have accomplished something great but didn’t.

Ending up there is probably the most painful and soul-crushing thing you can experience in life.

The best way to avoid it, then, becomes to think about it today.

Aim your actions at one common goal, and work every day to get a little closer to it.

No matter what.

You can’t, however, use brute force to see this campaign through.

Instead, you must be highly organized.

You must go over your goals regularly, and think about them deeply.

The reason is that you want to keep your fingers at the pulse of your journey so that you can correct yourself if you begin to drift away so that you don’t find yourself a few years down the wrong path without the vitality and energy to do anything about it.

Begin Your Organized Morning Routine by Thinking Deeply

Think Deeply — a motivational quote for an organized morning routine for people in a hurry.

If you begin your day by thinking about your highest goals, if you start the morning by examining your deepest desires, you will inevitably become more willing to do the work necessary to bring it to fruition.

But also to avoid the seductive lures of non-essential distractions.

Make it a part of your highly organized morning routine to go over the purpose of your life.

What is it that you want to accomplish before your time on earth is up?

Thinking this way is the ultimate antidote to resentment, malevolence, and vengefulness because you will be too busy working too hard on what’s meaningful, and purposeful in your life.

Also, committing to this task will help organize your thoughts because you will know what kind of thinking is associated with impulsiveness and instant gratifications, and what ideas matter, and will create a lasting impact in your life.

Aim the day by aiming your life, and make it the purpose of your very existence to see it come to fruition.

It will not be a clear route.

You will face immense obstacles.

But the mere fact of knowing that the challenges you face come to you on your one true path will ultimately make it easier for you to overcome them, and even turn them upside down and use them to your advantage.

Aim Your Life

Quote for an organized morning routine: Take on the burden of carving out the life you want, and you will have eliminated the risk of becoming resentful, and hateful.

Thinking about all of this as a part of your organized morning routine will set the tone for the rest of the day, and for your life.

  • Don’t make light of this.

It’s one of the most important things you can do in life.

Come to terms with it.

Figure it out.

  • Take on the burden of carving out the life you want, and you will have eliminated the risk of becoming resentful, and hateful.

Aim your intentions.

Have a purpose in life.

Think about it every day, and you will not find yourself adrift.

Get in the habit of coming back to this way of thinking.

You will begin to see immense opportunities that start to unearth once you focus on the right and most purposeful things

When you have organized your thoughts, when your home and workspace expect the best from you, and when you have your intentions clear, no setback can be so immense that it stops you from pursuing your calling in life, your guiding light.

The only question left to answer is:

What will be your guiding light, and will you follow it to the end?

The Summary of The Organized Morning Routine

How to create an organized morning routine banner

In the end:

Being organized means having your life in order.

Regardless if that means moving physical things around, or if that means organizing your thoughts.

This article intends to help you start that process so that you can feel better at home, do better work that matters, and think better thoughts so that you can aim your life properly.

This is indeed a personal journey:

You must find your own path and the way to follow it.

These tools might help you get the ball rolling, but you are the one who must keep the momentum up.

Think this through.

Get some pleasure out of figuring this out.

Because ultimately:

  • Understanding what motivates you, what makes your fire burn even higher will be the one thing that will propel you in the right direction.

But equally important:

You must also know what slows you down.

Half of the effectivity game has to do with the things you don’t do.

So making sure you know what to avoid is equally important as having a clear understanding of what things you should focus on.

Get these two things right, and there will be nothing that can hit you so hard that you don’t get to play again.

Make it your duty to pursue your path in life, and start doing it by having a highly organized morning routine so that you start the day in the right way.

Comment down below what you think is most important to you in life, and let’s have a discussion.

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