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“Chris applies theories of renowned thinkers from different fields into accessible writing that everyone can relate to. New ways to think to improve your life.” — Alex Stenzel

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I get asked a lot how many books I read in a month. My answer is always the same: It doesn’t matter how much you read, it matters how much you learn.

It’s about how much of what you read you can stir into action so that you can grow and improve yourself — and create long-term results.

In my research, I come across a large number of insightful books, renowned thinkers, and extraordinary studies that completely wreck my world-view and force me to re-invent my thinking, and to re-structure my thought process.

But I also have to go through a lot of dry and lifeless books that only waste precious time and energy.

And since you only have so much time and energy to draw from, it would be a shame if you had to go through the same tedious process of reading bad books — because your time is non-renewable.

Once a week, I send out the most remarkable stuff I’ve read.

In a short, concise email I give you delicious recommendations so that you don’t have to force yourself through bad books and waste unrenewable time reading something that won’t help you improve your life.

The Newsletter is remarkably simple

Every Sunday, you will receive one email containing my latest blog post.

At least one book review that I think you will like. Scientific papers that help you understand yourself.

And an article from the world of digital media (strategic marketing, creative writing, how to create your life’s work, etc) so that you can master your craft and ultimately — become irreplaceable.

You will also get my most popular Instagram post of the week.

And at the very end, I will share with you a thought-provoking quote from one of history’s most insightful thinkers; a quote you can use to maximize your creativity and prepare yourself for an optimal, productive week so that you can create the life you want to live.

All of this in one comprehensive email. Once a week. Because I believe, as the late American president John F. Kennedy said, that:

A quote from John F Kennedy.